Hello. I’m Henry. This is A Road To Nowhere. Thanks for stopping by.

I love visiting new places and seemingly, I also love taking photos on my iPhone. With that in mind, a few years back, starting a sporadically (rarely?!) updated travel blog seemed to make sense…

Prior to turning 21, I’d never actually been on an aeroplane and the furthest I’d travelled from my hometown in the North East of England was the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. That said, I had visited some of the most beautiful places in the UK on family holidays – in particular the Isle of Arran, the Cotswolds and the Lake District spring to mind.

However, in my early twenties I was fortunate enough to sign a record deal and tour all over Europe as part of a critically acclaimed (but commercially underachieving!indie-rock band. Within a couple of years, I’d played gigs in Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark and Holland. This really gave me a taste for travel and ever since the band split up, my wanderlust has been unstoppable.

Thankfully, my wife Rachel shares my desire to travel, so we try to go on as many trips as we can afford. We love a bargain, but we also like to treat ourselves from time to time!

Let us know any travel recommendations you have, we love hearing about new places.

Bon voyage x

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