Accor Hotels are running a great competition – #AccorHotels24hrs – to win a holiday in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. Three incredible cities. Who wouldn’t want to win that!? So here’s my entry – a blog all about how I’d spend 24 hours in my favourite city…

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas


The first time I went to Las Vegas, I figured it was a ‘once in a lifetime’ kinda place. I was wrong. I’ve now been three times. The most recent occasion was to see two of my best friends get married – not sure we’ll have time for a wedding in our 24 hours, but lets see where the day takes us!

With so much to do, so much to see, you obviously can’t do it all in a day, but you can at least get a taste for one of the most ridiculous cities on planet Earth. Remember though: what happens in Vegas… stays in Vegas (except the bits that go on the blog.)

It’s 9:30am. If we’re gonna make the most of our 24 hours in Vegas, we need to show the most important meal of the day a bit of respect. Ordinarily, I’d suggest one of the buffets (Wicked Spoon in Cosmopolitan is incredible) but come on, we haven’t got time for that! The clock is already ticking. Let’s head to Eggslut and grab a coffee, an OJ and well, some eggs.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the Sin City hustle and bustle, so at 10am, we should go hang out at the pool. It won’t be too busy just yet – perfect for some water sports.

11:30am. Time to jump in an Uber and head over to Kiss Mini Golf. I’m not even the biggest Kiss fan, but who doesn’t love Kiss mini golf? You’ll never know if you don’t go.

That shouldn’t take more than an hour, so let’s get back to the strip (hop on one of the free shuttle buses from The Rio) and take a tour of some of the casinos. Tour is, of course, a polite way of saying “drink and gamble” – we’ve done well to last until 1pm, so let’s get ourselves a cocktail in the Wynn.

After the Wynn, we’re gonna treat ourselves to an extreme dose of hyperreality and travel the world, or at least the Vegas interpretation of the world.

Venice for a gondola ride, Paris for an Eiffel Tower and then New York, where we’re gonna ride the roller coaster and grab a slice of pizza. On our way over to New York, we’ll stop off at the Bellagio to watch the fountains.

There’s very few clocks in Vegas so it’s hard to keep track of time. By now, it’s probably pushing 5:30pm, which sounds like as good a time as any to nip into Diablo’s Cantina for a margarita.


We’ve only got one night in Vegas, so we should probably see a show. Now, I never thought I was a showguy, but that’s because I’d never been to see Cirque du Soleil’s ‘The Beatles LOVE‘ before. You’re gonna love it.

Loads of acrobats dancing to The Beatles: believe me, it’s a lot better than it sounds. The early evening performance begins at 7pm (book tickets here), so there’ll be plenty of time to experience the infamous Vegas nightlife afterwards.

After the show, it’s the after party and after the party, it’s time to get something to eat. Let’s head down to Fremont Street and get some massive portions of Mexican goodness from Nacho Daddy. Just so you know – we’re probably gonna wash it down with a scorpion shot…


Now we’re downtown in historic Vegas, we may as well do a bit more gambling – get your game on, go play. The croupiers on Fremont Street are so much more fun than on the strip and the minimum bet is a lot less too.

If, like me, you try to be a frugal gambler, your dollars last a whole lot longer down here. Better still, the downtown casinos are much, much better at staying on top of the whole free drinks thing – don’t forget to tip!

Once we’ve visited a few casinos, learned to play craps, had an awesome Blackjack winning streak, watched the Fremont Street Experience, got weighed on the Heart Attack Grill scales (over 350 lbs eats free) and discussed the “World’s Largest Pint” sign, time will inevitably have got the better of us once again.

It’s 1am. The night can go in two directions from here, a bit like this confusing Vegas lift:


Now might be the time to go our separate ways – for some of you, you’ll be ready to to hit a club. Personally, I’m thinking we head back to the strip and lose all of our Fremont Street Blackjack winnings playing Roulette in the Cosmopolitan!

The Cosmo is definitely my favourite of the big casinos for late night gambling – the music is good, they serve Ballast Point Sculpin IPA by the bucketload and well, if you do decide to hit the club, you’re not far from the best night spots.

When you leave the city, don’t forget to stop off at the famous Las Vegas sign.

What are your top Vegas tips? Let me know what I should check out next time I’m there… I imagine there will be a next time! 

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  1. Thanks for another entertaining blog. You had a much better experience than when me and my friends went to Vegas. We arrived with a hangover and went to bed at 9pm.


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