Reading Rooms

The Reading Rooms

Here’s the one where Ross and Rachel invited us to their wedding in Margate…

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For the past few years, I’ve been at peak wedding age. If you’re under 25, you probably don’t know what I’m referring to, but if you’re aged between around 25 and 35, you know.

I’m definitely not complaining… I love a good wedding and even went and did one myself not long ago:

Photo by 83Photography

One of my favourite things about going to weddings is using it as an excuse to treat ourselves to a nice overnight stay – Ross and Rachel’s (not *that* Ross and Rachel; *this* Ross and Rachel) wedding in Margate was no exception.

It was also pretty much the most fun wedding you could imagine. I even had a very important role to perform; unfortunately I was given a faulty* party cannon and set mine off about 30 seconds after I was meant to.

* It was definitely faulty – I absolutely was not just turning it the wrong way. No chance. Honest. I should probably turn myself into some kind of “you had one job” meme.

Thankfully, it didn’t seem to affect Ross and Rachel’s enjoyment of their big day:

We stayed at an amazing boutique bed and breakfast called The Reading Rooms. It was located about 5 minutes walk away from the wedding venue in an incredible Grade II listed Georgian town house in Hawley Square.

It was the kind of place where, even though you apparently already are a grown up, you say things like “when I grow up, I want to live in a house like this!”

It was great for spinning about in a lovely dress:

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#twirl #whirl #grammasters3

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Or looking a bit nervous in a suit:

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Louise and Liam were the perfect B&B hosts and we can’t apologise enough to them for arriving so late.

A surprise last minute roadtrip (unexplained train cancellation… classic) meant we didn’t get to Margate until after midnight, but once we walked into our room (Room 1), the long drive was totally worth it:

They should also be commended on the best veggie breakfast ever. It’s over a year since we stayed and I still think about those vegetarian sausages pretty much every day. Now, I realise that I am prone to hyperbole, but honestly, it was unreal:

We broke up the journey on the way home by stopping off in Canterbury and Cambridge. There’s worse places to stop for coffee.

I’m sure we’ll be back soon. Find our more about The Reading Rooms on their website:

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